Here is a step by step to play my favorite riffs and solo's from eyes of a stranger.

Here is a lesson on chord melody using the song "stairway to heaven".

Parker Lundgren of Queensryche guitar lesson. Using right hand to capo frets while using left hand to do hammer ons and pull offs.

This is one of my favorite runs that uses the blues scale combined with the chromatic scale.

Guitar lesson by Parker Lundgren (Queensryche) This is the guitar solo to the song "Higher" from Queensryche's album Dedicated to Chaos.

Here is a guitar riff using 2 sting finger tapping.

Guitar lesson by Parker Lundgren (Queensryche). Using sweeps in motown style songs.

QUEENSRYCHE vocalist Todd La Torre & guitarist Parker Lundgren pay a visit to the Rock-n-Roll GangStar booth at NAMM 2013 for signing and good times! Watch for new Queensryche album in 2013 & check out the official Queensryche website at Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel - Wear It Loud & Proud!